IMPORTANT: If you have been billed $29.00 from "My Survival Alliance", you were NOT billed by us. Please contact who is the creator of "My Survival Alliance" here:

Hey there fellow Skilled Survival Alliance (SSA) member! We wanted to make sure you knew how to cancel your SSA membership in case you ever decided that all of the SSA member benefits are no longer for you. Or maybe you recently checked your credit card statement or bank account and noticed that you had a charge from "WePay Skilled Survival" (WePay is our credit card processor) and you're not sure what that's for or can't remember signing up for a SSA Membership. We want to clear things up so you know why you were charged the memberships dues. 

How Did I Get Signed Up For a Skilled Survival Alliance Membership? 

The Skilled Survival Alliance is a membership that focuses on survival and preparedness and enrollment is open to anyone who wants to join. The majority of our members join our membership through a sales offer that includes a 7 day trial for $1. During those first 7 days, you have unrestricted access to everything in the SSA Dashboard. After the initial 7 day trial is up your credit card gets billed the monthly membership dues. 

Here is what the $1 SSA 7 day trial offer looks like when claiming your free tactical LED flashlight:  

If you clicked the green button, your credit card would have been charged the extra $1 and your 7 day SSA trial membership would have started. 

If we didn't hear from you with a cancellation request before the initial 7-day trial period ended, monthly membership dues would have been charged to your credit card. 

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Skilled Survival Alliance Member?

There are lots of benefits to being part of the Skilled Survival Alliance. As a member you have unrestricted access to:

  • 14 Tactical Execution Plans
  • 8 Survival Reports 
  • Beyond The Bug Out Bag survival newsletter
  • Weekly Skilled Survival Alliance Podcast
  • Ask Jack Podcast where you can get your questions answered
  • Access to exclusive expert survival gear reviews and how to videos
  • Free access to all future tactical execution plans we publish
  • Free access to the Skilled Survival Alliance vault which contains all past issues of Beyond The Bug Out Bag, Skilled Survival Alliance Podcast and the Ask Jack Podcast 
  • The ability to ask Jack, and the entire Skilled Survival Team, your survival and preparedness questions
  • Special discounts, offers, and more!


We sincerely hope that with unrestricted 24/7/365 access to this wealth of knowledge you'll want to remain part of the Skilled Survival Alliance. If you could put a price on you and your family's safety when the SHTF, I'm sure you'd agree that it'd be many times more than the measly 66¢ per day in membership dues. 

Do You Still Want To Cancel?

We understand that access to a vast library of survival and preparedness knowledge isn't always for everyone. Or maybe something has come up, like an unexpected car repair or replacement roof, and every penny counts. Hey, no hard feelings. If you wan to cancel your Skilled Survival Alliance membership going forward, all you have to do is submit a support ticket or email and one of our support agents will cancel your Alliance membership going forward. You will never be charged again...unless of course you re-join the Alliance. 

Can I Get A Refund On My Past Membership Dues?

We operate a strict no-refund policy on membership dues. We do not offer pro-rated refunds for partial months. Join the Alliance, dig into all the of amazing survival and preparedness information, listen to the podcasts, watch the videos and you'll probably never want to leave, let alone get a refund.